Do You Find Healthful Living Difficult?

We want to help you make it easy as it should be.

Our Mission

When you feel worn-out and in need of a good ol' fashioned, all-natural health tune-up, we want to create a place where you can access relevant information, receive support and encouragement to achieve your goals, and learn with others as you go.

If this sounds like a bowl full of fruit with a sweet cherry on top to you, then read on, because here's what we have in mind...

Online Community
Having a support network is often the one thing that can make the biggest difference in your success. So we want to bring like-minded people together by leveraging the power of an online forum environment.

With your ongoing support and feedback, our aim is producing a library of content that will help you on your way toward becoming a better you. We will pool together educational material, tips and tricks, and tons of healthy recipes among other goodies.

Easy Recipes to Boot
You know what? We love simple, whole food recipes with step-by-step instructions and clear images also showing what the ingredients look like before being put to use. Recipes like this are difficult to find in big collections since very few resources out there focus entirely on easy and clean recipes that people will actually make.

Increased Positive Health
One step at a time, we're going to help you achieve the stage where you can see and feel your life has changed for the better. It's a worthwhile journey and you'll have us right there with you.

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Tell Me More

Have we piqued your curiosity, yet? If yes, terrific! You may now be wondering where we're coming from, so here goes....

Left to right: Marco, Debbie and Nichlas.

We're a team of three individuals with boundless ideas and disciplined work ethics. Our backgrounds span across counselling, psychology, programming, web hosting, and web design.

The one space where we share a common ground—with a combined total of well over 2 decades of experience—is the field of holistic health care.

Permit us to say that in this time we've just about seen most of what the conventional and natural health scenes have to offer; both good, bad, horrendous and everything between.

We have worked with mildly and degenerately sick people (experiencing both the victories and losses); we have struggled through the conventional medical system back when we didn't know any better; we have studied many different diet approaches and healing systems, and we have been fortunate to train with or study the works of rare and highly skilled practitioners and naturopaths of the past and present.

As a result we have gathered a deep and insightful understanding of the challenges our global family is facing with regard to our general well-being, and we can also better appreciate that building good health is truly a holistic and diverse process and doesn't just boil down to one isolated pattern (such as what you eat).

Unfortunately, the task of taking care of oneself today has become such a complicated jungle to navigate, and it became clear to us that many people are simply confused with all the available options and empty promises.

With that in mind, we want to do our part in mending and turning this situation around.

Instead of doing this in the traditional one-on-one consulting and coaching fashion, we want to create and nurture a devoted community that is welcoming of anyone who is ready to make proactive changes in their lives.

What we love about this challenge, is that we get to leverage our continual learning of holistic health, web technology, and running web-based businesses.

And when our team sets out to accomplish something, we put our heart and soul into it and are excited to see what we can create along the way.

The contribution we are making has been titled ApeQi, and is planned to go live at It will be a premium membership-based online community space.

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Is It for Me?

All right, you might be asking yourself whether or not ApeQi will be something for you. So let's provide a little more clarity...

ApeQi honors and promotes a naturalistic foundation to building and preserving physical health.

We're not medical professionals, we're simply individuals who've been through the trenches and have also seen our personal friends, family and countless others attempt to troubleshoot their own health issues, whether they chose conventional medicine or alternative paths. We got to see what came out of their decisions (and it wasn't always pretty).

While modern medicine has its obvious advantages, particularly in acute and emergency-type situations, this modality has globally demonstrated itself, decade after decade, to be a significant disappointment at helping people prevent and reverse long-standing health challenges.

Look, being just well enough to stay alive isn't all that exciting. All those years of pain, high-cost medications, throw in an occasional surgical procedure here and there, and then exit with a melancholic premature death at the end. Why have we allowed ourselves to be conditioned into accepting this as normal?

Something really must be done to change this situation, and we can begin by helping each other and our families make better choices in life to stay well long-term.

There's lots of work work to do ahead of us, but it's a worthwhile mission.

An integral part of this project will revolve around diet. Giving people a streamlined way to change their eating habits and get off of the foods which are depriving them of physical wellness, is important. To achieve this, we advocate a flexible approach to eating a plant-based diet.

We are welcoming of all people regardless of dietary inclination. Our mission is to help you be healthier with consistent information regardless of the level of help you need.

You move at your own pace and only you decide what that pace is. So if at first you love our salad recipes but feel you want to add something else, then go right ahead and add what you like. This approach is a great transition towards a healthier you.

The ApeQi mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle encompassing every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

How Can I Help?

First off, thank you for taking the time to learn about our project. If you're interested, we highly recommend you sign up for our newsletter to receive news and progress updates.

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In addition, if you would like to help us make this an awesome experience for everyone, we would really appreciate if you submit some feedback letting us know what you would like to get out of being a part of the ApeQi membership community.

If you're already on the health-improvement path, then tell us what you find challenging and what you feel could potentially help you succeed. Would simple and easy-to-access recipes and meal plans do the trick? Or maybe having an accountability partner or group? Whatever you have in mind, share it with us! Below, we have provided three options you can use to connect with us.

We want you to guide us with your feedback as we can take this project in many directions.

To reiterate, ApeQi will be a premium, online membership community space that is planned to offer educational resources (in text, podcast and video format), tips and tricks, recipes and more, within the context of healthful living.

We will do all the hard work to make the lifestyle change and transition easier for you.

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